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I Believe…

“I Believe” Then and Now

As a lowly graduate student in a teacher education program this writer had to, along with all other students in the program, complete a list of “I believe” statements regarding education. These statements were hashed out in groups, the subject of discussions, and ultimately typed up and put into a portfolio.

At the time the exercise felt great in terms of the planning and pre-writing; the completed product was something that was reflected upon during the job hunt. This focus promptly was redistributed to the classroom of students that came with said job. But in the midst of getting up the nerve to start this blog these statements came up again. In the spirit of the blog and a sense of transparency of learning both the original “pre-teaching career” statements are followed by a revised version.

I Believe That…

All human beings can learn.

Education is a noble and challenging calling.

Change is not to be feared; only stagnation. 

Students must use knowledge more than merely possess it. 

The answers to all the really interesting questions lie somewhere between the confines of black and white.

Praise is a public matter while personal criticism is a private one. 

Motivation in the classroom is a symbiotic relationship. 

The expression of the human condition is not limited to one form or text. 

Students will not love me all of the time; nor are they required to in order to learn.

This list will always require revision.

It was nice of me to leave an “out” for myself there at the end wasn’t it?

The Revised “I Believe” Statements for the ‘10/11 School Year

I Believe That
All human beings can learn.
Education is a noble & challenging calling.
One must continually change in order to continually learn.
The expression of the human condition is not limited to one form or text.
Students must use knowledge in order to possess knowledge.
Education’s challenge is to reconcile the expectations of the past with the needs of the future.
Learning must be the full focus of teachers and students.
Technology should be an ntegrated part of a students life today if they are required to use it tomorrow.
Teachers help build learning, not distribute content.
If students are given a legitimate stake in shaping their environment classroom management will not be a problem.
This list must be revised in the aim to be renewed.
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  1. Jack Q. Smith
    July 30, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    I’ve read and reread this a few times now and see how much truth and wisdom there is in each of these statements. I publicly praise both of your writings, old and new, as a student and your godson :).

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